Plum Wine Dispenser


Plum preserves wine for 90 days at the exact temperature the wine maker intended.

Wine Recognition

Plum boasts a “virtual sommelier” that educates you about your wine.


Designed with classic winemaking and modern aesthetics in mind, Plum looks as great as it performs.

Enjoy a glass without pouring wine down the drain. Let guests serve themselves at a touch of the screen and at the perfect temperature. Combine multiple Plums to create a wine menu for guests to explore. We all have those bottles waiting for the special occasion that never comes. You can savor that treasured Bordeaux over a few weeks. Plum maximizes the flavor of your wine by serving every glass at its varietal ideal temperature.

Fully Automatic
Wine Appliance

Plum is the first fully automatic appliance that perfectly preserves, chills and serves wine so it can be enjoyed one glass at a time from any bottle. Enjoy the perfect glass, anytime.

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Features of Plum Wine Dispenser

  • 90-Day Preservation

    Plum’s motorized needle pierces the foil and closure, preserving your wine with argon gas. Plum extracts the wine when you’re ready to drink it, in customized servings, for up to 90 days.

  • Any Bottle, Any Closure

    Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle of wine with any closure, including natural cork, engineered cork, artificial cork and even metal screw caps.

  • Individually Chilled

    Plum’s two silent cooling chambers are automatically set to the perfect serving temperature for each varietal, so you can have chardonnay at 48 degrees and cabernet at 66 degrees. Customize the temperature to suit your individual taste.

  • Fully Automated

    Plum automatically identifies the vintage, varietal, region, winery and wine, connecting to rich content that lets you step into the tasting room without leaving your home.

  • 7″ Touchscreen

    Plum’s 7-inch, full-color touchscreen lights up as you approach, displaying the wine labels and letting you serve a glass or just a taste. Plum has a built-in automated cleaning system, so it’s always ready to pour the perfect glass.

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