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Bellmont Cabinets showcase the most updated kitchen cabinet designs that are sleek and timeless. They offer an extensive selection of innovative cabinet configuration and accessories that promote greater interior storage capacity. They take great pride in their finishing processes, blending hands-on craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machinery to produce cabinets that are built-to last. With Bellmont, it’s all in the fine details. Seamless finished door edges, high-quality materials, and a wealth of creative storage solutions set Bellmont apart.

Vero Series

Inspired by Italian minimalist design, the Bellmont Vero Series emphasizes clean lines and soothing symmetry for an elegant, harmonious look. Eliminating handles and hardware helps focus the eye where it belongs — on the stunning door styles and complex finishes.

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1900 Series

The Bellmont 1900 is our most sophisticated and diverse kitchen cabinet that allows blending of door styles, textures, and finish options to achieve your ideal space. With Bellmont, your style options are endless. You can apply creative design features that meets your personal taste.

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1600 Series

Designed to custom fit your home and budget, the Bellmont 1600 Series is the most affordable kitchen and bathroom cabinet line. With superior construction, the line-up provides lasting value without compromising on beauty, space and storage solutions.

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1300 Series

Bellmont’s 1300 Series combines efficiency and value without compromising beauty, space, or quality. Made from Italian material, these cabinets can be delivered to your doorstep in 2 weeks. If you are on a budget and looking for a practical solution, the 1300 series is the way to go.

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Torchetti specializes in luxurious and versatile Italian cabinetry. With clean and elegant lines that work harmoniously together, Torchetti values innovative and intuitive design. Whether you need cabinets or shelving for an industrial-style kitchen or a contemporary design; Torchetti can provide a variety of different finishes, materials, and styles to create an aesthetic and functional design. With all the versatility and popular designs offered, the best part, is the affordability and accessibility of their product!


Torchetti has moved away from linear designs in favour of soft curves to create a kitchen that in both attractive and practical for everyday. Whether it’s high gloss or with a wood trim, the Seven range creates unique spaces for maximum living.

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Plenty of design, a few shades of colour, and extreme functionality for the kitchen that aims to be essential. The continuous research carried out by the company led to the definition of technical solutions that amplify the functionality of the kitchen design. The versatility of this program makes it possible to create pleasant compositions for the living area, creating convivial spaces and at the same time functional ones. A project that, thanks to the different wood finishes offered, with their warm shades, allows a total customization.

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With its unique fronts, it is perfectly in line with the trends of the moment, Essentia totally encompasses an architectural project that can be applied to every room of the house. Each functional element defines the space creating continuity and aesthetic perfection, with timeless materials.

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A space to inhabit with we the vibrancy of our times, yet with the comfort of practical solutions designed to ideally blend the functionality and charm of contemporary aesthetics. Modern and constantly evolving with the people inhabiting it. Corine is the kitchen of today with the look of the future.

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White or royal melamine panels with low formaldehyde content class E1, water repellent V100. 18 mm thick with 1 mm thick ABS front edge. On request it is possible to have the structure in blockboard with white or royal laminate.

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